Australian Citizenship InformationTo help you understand about Australian Citizenship

Australian Citizenship

To become an Australian Citizen would mean that you are committing yourself to Australia and all it stands for. This is the beginning of your formal membership of the Australian Community. You can now tell the world that “I am Australian” and call Australia home with all the privileges and responsibilities of a person who was born here.

Citizenship Application

The process of applying for Australian citizenship varies depending on your eligibility. There are a number of different application options with different eligibility requirements.

Requirements for Citizenship application (by Conferral):

  • Determine your eligibility –( includes Residence Requirement , Police Check and other documents)
  • Prepare and gather your original documents
  • Make a photocopy and certify your documents as True copy of the Original signed by Justice of peace or any authorised person
  • Complete and lodge your application to your nearest immigration office.

A decision on your application for citizenship will only be made after you have lodged a completed application form together with the required documents and fee.

Citizenship Testing Legislation

Once a decision is made on your citizenship application, you are now allowed to sit a test. A test schedule will be given to you so you will have ample time to learn and review about Australia. To be granted a citizenship, it is a requirement by law that a person has an adequate knowledge of Australia.

You will need at least 75% out of 100% to pass the test.

Citizenship Ceremony, Pledge and Affirmation

After passing the test, a schedule for Citizenship Ceremony is given to you to finalise your Citizenship.

Most people are required to make the Australian Citizenship Pledge at a citizenship ceremony. In doing so you are making a public commitment to Australia and accepting the responsibilities and privileges of citizenship. They affirm their loyalty to Australia and its people by reciting an affirmation that is based on the Australian Citizenship Pledge.

Please contact our office to provide you with any immigration assistance with regards to citizenship application.