"GMG Visa Solutions worked for our visas from temporary to permanent. We want to express our appreciation for all your assistance and hard work. You’ve processed our children’s Visitor Visas, then Dependent Child Visas, followed by the Partner Visa from temporary to permanent. We thank you so much for the excellent news before Christmas 2019 and all the end results of our applications."

- Gary and Lourdes

"As a registered migration agent, I know how complex is Australia’s visa system. The GMG Visa Solutions’ director German, is my colleague for over half a decade. I am very aware of the way he handles each application and have witnessed his success in many complicated cases. If I would need an assistance with my Australian visa application, I would leave it in hands of the GMG Visa Solutions because of their accuracy and incredible dedication."

- Jolanta, MARN 1462471

"We have been clients of GMG Visa Solutions for 3 years. They have done several visa applications for us which all been approved so far. All their recommended pathways have worked and they always deliver what they had promised."

- Leigh and Jonalyn

"My partner and I are very satisfied with GMG Visa Solutions’ service. They made every step of my visa application very easy. They provided us with prompt and excellent service. I couldn’t believe that I’m here now in Australia and already married to my husband. GMG Visa Solution is really great and we totally recommend them."

- Ma Rosalie

"My nomination and permanent visa applications were granted in 9 days from lodgment. I am so happy and thankful to GMG Visa Solutions. I can truly say that GMG Visa Solutions is a reliable and transparent agent here in Australia. After working for two years with my employer, I was given a sponsorship for permanent residency. Our company hired GMG Visa Solutions to assist us employees in the process and Mr. Glico has been great ever since. He was there every step of the way and never forget to update me of the progress of my application."

- Henry

"After residing temporarily in Australia for work, when given a chance to stay permanently in Australia with my wife, we decided to grab the opportunity. The company I work with introduced as to Mr. German Glico of GMG Visa Solutions. From the moment we talked, it felt like we found the right person to help us. He is knowledgeable and very easy to talk with. Just a month after the lodgment our application, our visa was granted. The process has been a breeze. Thanks to the expertise of GMG Visa Solutions, especially to Mr. Glico."

- Joseph and Judith

"GMG Visa Solution is such a vital part of my journey, possess a genuine approach to helping client achieve personal career goals. From the start of my application until I’d reach my target plan, I always have their support and guidance all throughout of my journey. I’m so lucky to be one of their many clients. They are trustworthy and honest in dealings with clients with an excellent service and great sense of accountability and very good nature approach with everyone. The best agency I would highly recommend."

- Karen